What a fun party for Raj’s birthday!  Sonya his wife planned it all and they had lots of friends and family to help them celebrate.  Their guests loved the chocolate fountain and they had a Mexican feast complete with Mexican cake.  So delicious!


What a lucky little one-year-old.

A Birthday party with 200 guests, dancing, dinner, magician, cake and of course and delicious chocolate fountain.

San Jose, California.

Intuit had an afternoon of celebration for meeting corporate goals and what better way to celebrate than good food and warm flowing chocolate!!

Located in Mountain View California, Intuit is a growing vibrant company that is one of the best places to work in the south bay.


Sofia has a chocolate fountain every year for her birthday! Her mom, Luisa, throw the best parties for her in Orinda, CA.  They usually have The Savory Truffle, based in Sebastopol CA, cater the dinner and it is always delicious.  Then everyone fills up on Chocolate!  This year we added cream puffs to the dippers and they were really a hit!

Heather and Alex’s beautiful wedding in Walnut Creek CA.

I’ve never seen so many guest dancing at once! Wish I’d gotten more pictures!

Natomas High School senior prom was so much fun on the biggest yacht in the Commodore Fleet.

Some of the kids had fancy masks, all were dressed up to the T’s!

They had a buffet dinner, dancing, photo booth, and of course, all the chocolate they could eat.  Really a great bunch of kids!

After Prom Chocolate extravaganza!

All the kids had worked up an appetite dancing at Junior Prom for Northgate High school. So this was ready for them to relax with.

This wedding truly was a wedding party!  Lots of dancing with the cutest little two year old leading out! I wish I’d taken a picture of her.

Beautiful decorations, great music,guest of all ages, and everyone keeping their energy up with lots of warm chocolate.

Every year the children program of the Peninsula Covenant Church host a christmas party for all their volunteer helpers and their families.

They really put on a party with ginger bread house building, ornament making, bingo, free massages and of course the chocolate fountain with lots of dipping items.  This year there were dried apricots, lady fingers, grapes, strawberries, rice krispie treats, pretzels, creampuffs and more….all dipped in warm milk chocolate.  Yum!

Another happy customer!


Matthew and Kidtzia’s Wedding

She requested strawberry and pineapple bouquets and they looked really pretty with a little shredded tulle in the glass servers

After the guests were through!

San Fransisco skyline at sunset.  They had an absolutely beautiful and warm day for November. They even had a blimp!

Their cake was made by the bride’s uncle and it was absolutely beautiful. I loved the topper.


Emily’s parents threw her a sweet sixteen birthday party at the boundary oaks clubhouse. Just her best friends with a dance floor and Djs,  catered dinner, cake and of course, the large chocolate fountain with flowing milk chocolate!

Her friends were all dressed up and did a funny video tribute to her.  Everyone had a great time.

She had the sweetest birthday cake with Musical notes on it.  Emily loves music and has a great singing voice.

The Taleo Co. threw a really fun Halloween party at their offices in Dublin California.  They created a chocolate river with brown plastic that led to the chocolate fountain and they gave out golden tickets that were redeemed for strawberries, bananas, marshmallows, graham cracker and rice krispie treats dipped in warm delicious chocolate!


The fountain made the whole place smell like chocolate and the kids and the employees could really imagine they were in Willy Wonka’s factory!

They had their own Violet Beauregarde.

Morgan’s parents threw her a beautiful wedding at their Lafayette home. Complete with a milk chocolate fountain.

And heart shaped cookie dippers.

And happy nephews!

A Bar Mitzvah celebration is the best party and of course the chocolate fountain is a big hit with all the kids.

They had dinner, desserts, music, dancing, a slide show, toasts and a lot of fun.


What could be better that warm chocolate?  Warm caramel!

Why choose when you can have both?

A double mini fountain party.  One warm chocolate, the other warm caramel.

Lindsey threw this great 30th birthday party for her little sister Lauren.  She had these great fountains and passed lots of yummy appetizers all night long.   Of course, the setting at sunset, overlooking a golf course couldn’t be better.

A wonderful traditional Filipino feast accompanied this chocolate fountain for a wedding reception in Fremont CA.  The couple were married in the Oakland LDS Temple and had a celebration in the evening with friends and family.  The food was amazing and of course anything goes with good chocolate fondue!  The next picture is what was served for dinner!


The celebration was for two graduates, the daughter from high school and the son from middle school. The family is originally from Spain and they threw a great party with all home cooked Spanish dishes and of course, the large chocolate fountain.  With cream puffs dipped in warm chocolate everyone was happy!  Congratulations Graduates!

The mother of the bride samples the white chocolate at Juan and Monica’s summer wedding in Pittsburg California.  The day was beautiful and so was the bride. They had traditional Mexican wedding food and added two mini chocolate fountains for dessert.  The white chocolate was a big hit!


Today the large fountain went to a Quinceanera for Elizabeth and her cousin in Fremont.  It was a great party over 200 guest and the girls looked beautiful in their fancy quinceanera dresses.  I didn’t get any pictures as I forgot the camera…I won’t do that again!  They had the best live music band in traditional costumes.

Graduation Party!

A mini (19 inch) chocolate fountain for Tylyn’s Graduation party in Clayton CA.  Tylyn graduated from Carondelet High School, Concord CA and is accepted at Stanford for the fall.  The school’s colors are red and yellow and so were the decorations.  The fountain service was a graduation gift from Tylan’s big sister, Talita.  What a great sister!

The littlest chocolate connoisseur, London had her fill of luscious Chocolate!



Birthday Bash

Saturday evening we had a great chocolate fountain event at Boundary Oaks Clubhouse in Walnut Creek CA.  The party got started about 8:00 pm as the sun was setting outside the big picture windows.  What a pretty backdrop to the fountain running with warm chocolate!  The party was a 30th birthday party for an amazing women, Leslie.  Leslie is the founder and operator of the Peter Pan Foundation.  The Peter Pan Foundation was founded in 2007 and is dedicated to using theater, arts, fundraising, and community service to teach teens, children, and young adults in our community about the importance of philanthropy.

It was a wonderful party with music and dancing, yummy chocolate dipped strawberries, bananas, brownies, marshmallows, rice krispie treats, pound cake and more. There was birthday cake and finger foods, soda and punch and lots of fun with out any alcoholic drinks.  Lots of Leslie’s guests were children that she works with in theater.  Happy Birthday Leslie!

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